Diner Sukiyaki

Diner SUKIYAKI for Two


Hi every GYO fans,

How are you doing?
It’s already in June, we can feel a bit colder especially during night or early morning.
We have a good news for our fans who’s been waiting for the one!

Now we would like to advise that we have just started “Winter Special SUKIYAKI” for both Lunch and Diner time.
For Lunch, we serve one-person-size Sukiyaki cooked in our kitchen for $24.
For Diner, served in pre-cook with portable range then you will enjoy cooking the SUKIYAKI pot your self. The price is from $58 for two ( minimum i.e.$29 p.p.)
Our SUKIYAKI comes with Beef ( Of course !) Vegies such as Wonbok, Baby Buk Choy, Carrot, Shiitake Mushroom, Tofu, Udon Noodle (also Rice as well in Lunch Time!).

Why don’t you come and enjoy our “very filling SUKIYAKI” with your mates.