Hi every GYO fans,

Enjoying the beginning of comfortable season of the town?
Now we would like to introduce a noodle in soup dish “NABEYAKI UDON’ as Lunch Special starting from tomorrow 1st June.
The Udon noodle in soup ( fish stock and soy sauce, common Japanese soup for Udon or Soba noodle ‘Men-Tsuyu” ) served in a pot directly from kitchen cook top, and has Prawn Tempra, Shiitake mushroom, Tofu, Wombok, Spring onion, Carrot and Poached Egg on top.
It is very rare we release noodle in soup so you might try it.

  • NABEYAKI UDON        $18

Udon noodle soup with Prawn Tempra, Shiitake mushroom, Chicken, Wombok, Spring Onion, Tofu, carrot then topped with Poached Egg.